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Fabricio Werdum vs Roy Nelson 

Werdum is a really interesting story. A Brazilian that moved to Spain at 17 that went on to capture win Worlds twice at black belt. Think about that. He wasn’t training with at one of the big gyms in Brazil where he’d have the best partners, though he did go back to train once in a while. He went to Spain, where there was almost no BJJ scene, built his own team and eventually became a world champion, twice.

The 2x world champion and 2x ADCC champion will face Travis Browne this Saturday (April 19th) in a #1 contender’s bout to determine who faces Cain Velasquez in November.


After a couple of years trying to get a shoot schedule with Anh Nguyen, I finally got it! I’m not like the pageant girls he’s photograph over the years but I’m glad he loved working with me and I am especially thankful he gave me this opportunity! not to mention, he’s a great guy and kept it professional. AND HE FED ME. ♥

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Jack Slack: Travis Browne and the Real New Breed

Slack takes a look at Travis Browne and the mythical new breed. Browne faces Fabricio Werdum this Saturday (April 18th) at UFC on FOX 11.


Happy Friday everyone. If you have a few minutes, watch this highlight video of Rose ‘Thug’ Namajunas made by Flywin Media


5 outfits later! I’m done! Exhausted and my back hurts!



mmaandgirls replied to your post “lmao at the bisping nut huggers. kennedy is for real!”

Real boring you mean ;) LOL

how? he beat bisping good and fair and square. lol this comes in to the idiot fans only wanting knock outs. fuck that. if a wrestler can win his way to a title shot by wrestle fucking do it. you’ll knock some people out or submit them here and there but get the W and avoid damage

I said he was boring. It don’t matter if he beat him fair or square dude was still boring af. but win or lose if he keeps fighting like that hes gonna find himself out of a job just like that other boring dude Jake Shields LOL